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Jordan + Lacey

Guys I know I rave about New Mexico all the time but gosh!!! The more I go explore with couples the more I begin to fall deeper in love with my state. I legit felt like we were adventuring through Mars! As I drove up to this beautiful location I saw a pack of coyotes cross the dirt road and vast landscapes of martian homes. We danced around on soft black volcanic hills and ended our fun on the hill tops taking in everything our eyes could see.

I met Lacey on instagram but little did I know these strangers from Canada were about to become some of my greatest friends. I seriously love Jordan and Lacey so much. They taught me a ton about life and we really bonded over our love to travel. Immediately after our shoot Lacey messaged me on IG saying, "You are so amazing! Seriously making leaving so hard! Thanks for a) being so rad b) sharing your talent and c) most importantly; being a new friend to us! Jordo is going on and on about how much he enjoyed his time with you! We so hope You come visit us soon!!". So looks like I need to go to Canada soon.

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