Santa Fe Wedding Photographer

Jake + Shelby

Jake and Shelby’s sweet proposal under the New Mexico sun!

Jake and I had been planning this for a couple of weeks now and our plan was that he would ask in this exact spot as I walked up. Deciding where exactly was somewhat difficult since they were driving down from Montana. But we managed to come up with a game plan that worked out perfectly. I would be a “hiker” out taking photos and they would be out hiking around. They arrived earlier in the day to do the hike and I simply met them there on their way back.

What stood out to me the most was when I asked them about the proposal afterwards, was that they both could hear Jake’s heart beating.

Even after 5 years of being together his heart raced as he asked Shelby to do life with him! I loved hearing that in such an intimate moment the heart itself made itself known.

Find someone who makes your heart beat faster!

Much love and congratulations Shelby and Jake!