Gosh guys!!!!!! I legit had the best experience as far as weddings - So Monday morning I got a text saying hey we want to get married, please let us know when your next available date is - I checked my calendar and had this last Friday open - The next thing you know we are on our way to Jemez Falls -

Getting to capture this was epic but getting to experience this was a whole other level. Seeing them stand in front of God's creation, saying I do with the roar of the water fall, rain drops falling on the Bible, and their loved ones filled with joy was perfect. Oh and if that doesn’t make you say wow then get this - We rocked climbed down to the bottom of the falls and the bride did it in her wedding dress - she said let’s do this, put her dress in her mouth and climbed down like a rockstar.

That’s what you call

Radical Lovers + Adventurous souls