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Yennai Arindhaal Tamil Movie Download In Utorrent [Latest]




It features Vishnu and Arjun in the lead roles, while Sindhu Menon and Sadhana Sargam play pivotal supporting roles. The film is a remake of the 2014 Telugu film Annayya (2014), which itself is based on Telugu film Rajanna (2009). The music was composed by A. R. Rahman, while editing was handled by D. Imman. After a delay of more than a year, the film was released on 11 June 2015. Plot Vishnu (Vishnu) and Arjun (Arjun) are college friends. As they both study medicine at the same university, they often talk about the various philosophical questions. One day, when they are arguing over such a question, a fight erupts between them, which is witnessed by Arjun's girlfriend Anjali (Sadhana Sargam). Upon their return to college, Vishnu tells Arjun that he is in love with Anjali. Arjun initially balks at the idea but is soon convinced by Vishnu and they become lovers. Arjun and Vishnu then move to London, where Arjun has been hired as an employee of a small pharmaceutical company. Arjun soon falls in love with a fellow employee, Sandhya (Sindhu Menon). At the same time, Vishnu runs into trouble with his love rival, Ashok (Amir Khan), who is a music composer and an acquaintance of Arjun. When Arjun tries to stop Vishnu from fighting Ashok, they end up in a brawl. Ashok then hits Arjun, whose hand gets injured and is thus unable to play the guitar anymore. A few weeks later, Arjun and Vishnu return to India. After going to the hospital, Vishnu is told by a doctor that he has an incurable heart disease. Although he initially believes that his condition is incurable, Vishnu is determined to cure himself and starts to practice various yogic breathing techniques. On the advice of a friend, Vishnu starts taking a particular medication, which eventually turns out to be a deadly poison. As a result of this, Vishnu falls into a coma. Arjun is left to care for him, while the entire city and the surrounding countryside look on. After Vishnu recovers, he is still determined to find a cure for his condition. Meanwhile, Sandhya has learnt about Vishnu's situation and secretly comes to meet him in a restaurant. She wants to take care of




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Yennai Arindhaal Tamil Movie Download In Utorrent [Latest]

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